‘Delhi students to get free DTC bus ride in our next term’- CM Kejriwal

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CM Arvind Kejriwal has announced another big promise of providing free DTC bus ride for Delhi students if his government again returns to power. This will help a large number of school students as well as students from different colleges of Delhi including students from Delhi University.


Townhall with Kejriwal

The 2020 Delhi assembly election is approaching and all the political parties have started their on ground campaigns. But this time CM Arvind Kejriwal has started a new way of campaigning in which he takes reviews from the public on his ‘report card’ of the past 5 years of work. The campaign has been named as ‘Townhall With Kejriwal‘.

CM Kejriwal in 'Townhall with Kejriwal'- free ride for students
CM Kejriwal in ‘Townhall with Kejriwal’

After successful organizing in such an event in 3 different areas of Delhi, Kejriwal participated in another event which was organised in Maharaja Agrasen College on January 3, 2020.


Free DTC Ride to Delhi Students

When a question was raised about providing free bus ride to Delhi students, CM Kejriwal said that “we will definitely do this after returning to power again”. When asked about the budget and sustainability for the same, he indirectly targeted Gujrat CM of ‘buying 190 crore plane for personal use’.

Recently CM of one of the states has bought a plane worth of 190 crores for his personal use. We have spent only 140 crores to wave off the bus fare for women, which is less than 190 crores. I haven’t bought any plane for my personal use and this is how we implemented free travel for women in DTC buses.

CM Arvind Kejriwal
LIVE | Townhall with Kejriwal

LIVE | Townhall with Kejriwal

Posted by Arvind Kejriwal on Friday, January 3, 2020
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Will Benefit Lakhs of Student

There is already high demand for Delhi metro pass by Delhi students. But this scheme will equally benefit students if implemented as still a large number of students use DTC buses for the last mile connectivity and for inter-state travel. Currently students rely on DTC student bus pass which costs around Rupees 515 for 5 months, which will be completely waved off once the scheme is implemented.

Highlights of ‘Townhall With Kejriwal’

CM Kejriwal talked about the following issues on which his government has worked in the last 5 years:-

  1. Constructing & maintaining sewer system, water pipelines and other work done for unauthorized colonies in his 5 year term.
  2. Providing better educational facilities in Delhi government schools.
  3. Installing streetlights in Delhi, which will be completed in next 3 months.
  4. Installing 1.5 lakh CCTV cameras in Delhi.
  5. Reducing air pollution by 25% in the months of February to October.
  6. Providing rupees 1 crores to Delhi police martyrs and a job for their family member.


Stand On CAA

When asked about his stand on Citizenship Amendment Act
(CAA) he said that “So much love for Pakistani Hindus, but Indian Hindus will suffer because of this. The economy is down, there are no jobs. There is no need of this bill.”

He also said that once his party returns to power then he will also work on tackling Yamuna pollution.



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  1. Actually his aims and interests are highly parallel and are never going to succeed, he is abstenating ticket fee for ladies and all in the bus service while the dtc workers aren’t getting paid for 2-3 in continuation and this might lead to dire consequences.

  2. As delhi metro runs under the venture of central and Delhi government.
    Now for the rest you, I think you are intelligent.

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