NGO Rab Shukran- Delhi’s Happiness and Gratitude Brigade

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 The level of violence and hatred has always been at its peak in Delhi. Brutal crimes are regularly being committed because of silly reasons which indicates the anger, rage and frustration amongst the people.

But someone in our city is spreading happiness by thanking and appreciating the efforts of those who are often ignored for their valuable contribution, which is actually helping people in reducing their daily stress and anxiety.

NGO Rab Shukran

Rab Shukran- Azad DIlli-A volunteer distributing cards to Defense personals
A volunteer distributing ‘gratitude’ cards to Defense personals

NGO Rab Shukran which was first established in Delhi by Abhinav Malhotra is now being operated in different cities including Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurugram, Guwahati, Banglore and Mumbai. It boasts of being India’s first ‘Happiness Brigade’ which has the mission to spread peace and happiness amongst the people who are engaged in ‘thankless jobs’. The members comprise of different ages and professions including college and school students and working professionals.

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Expressing Gratitude to strangers

The volunteers approach random people on streets like policemen, rickshaw pullers, drivers, cleaners, ambulance drivers, etc. and thank them for their valuable contribution. They give flowers and handmade greeting cards as a token of gratitude, which also contains a helpline number on which one can contact for any future help and guidance.

Mission to break social hierarchies

Volunteers of Rab Shukran with rickshaw pullers via Azad DIlli
Volunteers of Rab Shukran with rickshaw pullers

Rab Shukran aims to break social hierarchies which have been created between rich and poor or literate and illiterate to make the society more inclusive. It believes that the crimes like road rage or public scuffles in our society is the result of increase in the everyday stress and frustration amongst the people. This stress impacts mental health and induces hatred in our society. But this can be tackled by being empathetic and mutual empowerment.

While talking to Azad DilliAbhinav Malhotra spoke about the collaboration of various art forms like music, dance, drama, etc. which the organisation uses to spread happiness.

We are bringing a revolution in the way we operate our NGO by mixing different art forms like music, dance & drama in which people happily take interest. We believe that anyone can contribute to our movement by doing small things like passing a smile to strangers and appreciating the work of those who are being ignored.

Abhinav Malhotra, Founder Rab Shukran

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To join Rab Shukran you can contact:-

NGO Rab Shukran
Focus areas • Community Development
• Education
• Medical help
Joining fee Nil
Preferable age group For all
Address/Location Delhi, Mumbai, Banglore, Ghaziabad, Noida, Gurugram, Guwahati
Mobile/Helpline 09873067169/ To be launched soon
E-mail [email protected]  
Social Media Platforms

Launch of 24X7 helpline
Rab Shukran to launch 24X7 helpline number

The organization also provides medication, tuition, books, etc. to those who need them. It is also planning to launch a 24X7 helpline number where one can share his/her personal challenges to get guidance and help from the other end.

The community of Azad Dilli proudly supports Rab Shukran in their initiative.


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  2. Hi! I am a 53 years young man hailing from Pune. I would like to spread happiness by thanking random people and exercise attitude of gratitude. How can I join RabShukran? Nayan Sheth

  3. Hi, myself Rajeswari Ramesh from Pune.
    You are doing wonderful job. God bless.
    Me too interested to join in your group.
    I am a Healer. In our organisation already we are doing all those things which one your group are doing.
    If I got a chance to join with your group it will great.
    Thank you

  4. I was unware about the wonders of practicing Gratitude, through Rab Shukran I am experiencing new dimensions of life which are really positive!

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